Your First Piece of SUNDAYS

It’s our birthday month, and we’re extremely honoured to have friends and family share their first purchases here on SUNDAYS. 

Thank you for being part of our journey and thank you for supporting us over the years. Here’s hoping to share many more milestones with all of you!

What was your first piece of SUNDAYS?

Your first piece of Sundays, tell us about it and do you have a favourite piece?

It was a short sleeve collarless shirt. Almost like baseball style, grey with brown buttons and stripe piping on the front body. Sadly, I don’t wear it anymore. I wore it until it couldn’t be worn anymore! I used to wear it as a top on its own, or over another t-shirt. 

I feel the brand is casual yet it comes with a sense of style and identity. Definitely stood out from other local designers. They have a strong sense of who and what the brand stood for. 

My favourite piece would be the “muscle/hulk tee”, dark grey. After all this time and wear & tear, it has retained its shape. 

Now a father to 2 kids, I’m hoping to see SUNDAYS kids wear. Spread the love to the young ones!

Spring 2010

Your first piece of Sundays, tell us about it and the one thing you like to see from us!

I bought two items from SUNDAYS the first time. I’m not sure what they are called or how long ago I bought them. They fit right and fortunately because SUNDAYS doesn’t adhere to trends, I still wear them to this day. I got the pieces at Tangs Orchard, or possibly A Curious Teepee. I’m not very sure anymore. One of the days, while I was shopping at Tangs, I spotted the designer, whom I knew from way back, adjusting the clothes. I actually thought he was working as an assistant over there! Subsequently, I would get my SUNDAYS fix from Blackmarket too. And then, I started buying them online! (Thank goodness for that!) How very convenient!

I wear pretty much all the SUNDAYS pieces that I have bought, except for one or two of them, as I’ve outgrown them. I think it’s such a timeless brand, you can wear them for a long period of time without looking less fashionable than before. I wear them with jeans or shorts, with my loafers or my air maxes, to the beach or to a fine-dining restaurant by throwing a jacket over it. 

I don’t have a particular favourite piece right now but the Tee Asymmetrical Fire x Sea Blue is one that I enjoy wearing very much now.

I am very much a basics kinda guy and don’t like loud colours or prints. SUNDAYS really caught my eye and the fact that it tweaked the basic Tshirt, made it interesting. I definitely like to see how SUNDAYS can reinvent the classic T-shirt even further and always maintain the quality that I have grown so fond of.

Summer 2013

Your first piece of Sundays, tell us about it and the one thing you like to see from SUNDAYS in near future!

I don’t really know the name of the piece but I got it maybe in 2011, at A Curious Teepee? It’s navy blue, with an ochre inverted ‘U’ on the back, and a tiny pocket in front. And yes! I still wear it and it remains my favourite piece!

I first thought it was quite a hipster brand? hahaha. It still is to me, but more importantly I think they are so comfortable and very easy to wear. 

I kinda like the introduction of bags. Hoping to see womenswear, watches or even hats in the near future! 

Summer 2010

Your first piece of Sundays, tell us about it.

It was a blue mandarin collar shirt which I chanced upon online while doing my weekly online shopping ritual. When? Wow, thats a long time ago but my best guess would be 2010. 

I’ll go with the dark colours so that’s easy to pair. I usually wear it with a simple drop crotch pants. 

I fell in love instantly with each piece, and more so when I received it in the mail because of the quality. I also love how every new piece is different from the first – and they look simple yet different which makes it easy to pair with. That’s on top of the quality which doesn’t fail to impress me. Also helps that they’re mostly produced in colours that suit exactly my taste.

I’m hoping to see more outstanding pieces that can be easily recognised as a SUNDAYS tee or shirt. And perhaps more bottoms please?!


Your first piece of Sundays, tell us about it! What would you like to see from us?

Oversize Universe In Latte Tee was my first piece of SUNDAYS. I was browsing through facebook and happened to come across the brand back in 2014. I love the fabric and I usually layer it with a white shirt. The tee sits well on its own too.

It’s comfortable, laid back and simple. I love the way the brand speaks in term of style and its visuals. They also pretty much cater clothes that fit my style.

Definitely in the long run, I would love to see a SUNDAYS physical store where I can touch and feel each piece and try them on. I would love to see more oversized tees too!

Fall 2012 / Hulk Muscle Tee

Fall 2012 / Huntsman Shirt / Khakis

Your first piece of Sundays, tell us about it and that one thing you want to see from us.

It was a button up cardi in navy/cream stripes with brown wood buttons, probably back in 2012, where we found each other under a Teepee and I became an instant fan of their neutral tones.

I gravitate strongly towards fabrics that makes me feel like I’m in bed all day, so it was a staple for cold rainy days at work and I take it with me on flights all the time. Very much like post coital cuddling on a Sunday.

I really would like to see some dead sexy and comfy bralets from SUNDAYS next. 

Fall 2011

Your first piece of Sundays, tell us about it.

First piece of SUNDAYS I bought was in 2010 at Percentile at Butter Factory (at one Fullerton back then). It was a baseball looking jersey tee with wood buttons down the centre. I’ll pair it with jeans or berms for a relaxed weekend out. 

I also like a blue jersey blazer that I bought. It comes with 3 wood buttons down front and 2 patched pockets on both sides. It’s causal enough to wear everyday, and yet, will dress up any tee-shirt and jeans outfit. 

I think SUNDAYS has many easy-to-wear knits. It’s casual and comfortable. They may look simple yet there’s always something quite unique in each piece. Also I like that each collection is a little different from the last one, but yet it’s very clear about what kind of brand it is. 

Spring 2013