Inspired by makings of a morning; a new beginning, an existential struggle between fluffy pillows, bed and life’s errands. A struggling dissonance leads to a new out-of-bed distressed casual; a perfect combo for a day of get-your-life-together duties and travels.

Think chunky knits, thoughtful tones, frayed ends and undone edge; delivered through cotton pique and baby terry, flannels and fleece, quillt, terry denim and ribbed knits; the sartorial equivalent of a street styled in-bed weekend gear.

Accentuated by wide cut proportions, modern and clean, youthfully finished with a touch of imperfection; a reality of your universe. Gone are starched collars and pressed shirts; welcome frayed collars and distressed panels. Channel your bed grunge in an all new functional and comfortable gear.

What are you doing this Sunday morning? Presenting you, Man in the morning.

Shoe Credits: Superga